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Right Rug At The Right Spot

Spending a fortune on getting your favorite carpet or rug may all go in vain if it is not in the right spot. It is not just a matter of test and trial. Instead, much of science and tricks go into it. So, what are the secrets to placing the right rug at the right spot? 

Front Door Rugs:

When you see a rug at the front door, you’ll think the sole purpose of it is to wipe your feet, but it means more than that. The front door rug is the first thing people see when they enter the house. If you’re looking for the best way to work cleanliness and attractiveness, then you may try keeping a two-rug combo. One will be a heavy-duty mat that will take care of wiping the feet correctly and the other one being colorful and pleasing to show off your sense of style. 

Also, the size is of much importance. The rug should be as wide as the door frame, or just a few inches wider would look the best. Also, if your house opens to the living room right away, then you may as well choose a rug that is smaller and not very striking. 

Living Room Rug:

When you design the layout of a living room, you must see the rug as the focal point and put it on the top of the to-do list. When it comes to living rooms, you don’t start with the seating area. Instead, it’s the other way around. Strategically place your beautiful area rug and then set the furniture in a way that each piece comes in contact with rug. 

However, the accent piece that includes tables, chest, and sofas don’t need to touch the rug. It can be centered though. The primary motive is to make everything look cohesive and that each element complements each other perfectly. 

Bedroom Rugs:

To give the ultimate polished look, you can buy a large rug that fits underneath the bed and enough to have a foot extending from the sides of the bed. It will obviously need a substantial investment too, but if you’re not looking to spend too much on the rug, you can go for a smaller one that uplifts your bedroom interior with matching colors and good creativity.

Washroom Rugs:

Rugs in bathrooms play a significant role in saving you from slipping and falling when you get out of the tub. If your bathroom has a large size, then you can opt for several small rugs and align them according to your bathroom model. Also, you can add a pad to help the rugs in their right place. Many also prefer keeping it in front of the toilet that gives off a completely different look. 

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